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The risks and rewards involved with ag commodities are remarkable. At CGB Diversified Services, we know and understand yield, price, and financial risks (and opportunities) first hand. Our programs help insure profitable operations and investment.

Today's booming markets for commodities has created opportunities unforeseen a few years ago. Along with the booming interest in commodities have come added volatility, increased costs, and fewer margins for error. The need for price risk management has never been greater.

Our grain marketing advisory programs help both producers and end users make timely decisions regarding the pricing of their commodities. These programs involve creative use of futures, options, and cash strategies and are backed up by first hand knowledge of fundamental and technical analysis unmatched in the industry.

Our crop insurance agents understand that it is not enough just to be able to sell a policy. We have developed unparalleled analysis tools to help producers understand which policies make the most sense for them. More importantly, our agents are trained in what that analysis means and how to apply it to the producer's individual needs.

We take a partnership approach. That makes CGB Diversified Services representatives and important partner in our client's operations. Maybe that is why our customers seldom go somewhere else once they come to recognize our commitment to each client's success. We add value and bring confidence to the world of agricultural markets and risk management.

Futures trading contains risk of loss and is not appropriate for all traders.